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Lacy Park

In the heart of San Marino, California, you’ll find Lacy Park. It may be found at 1485 Virginia Road, in the San Rafael Hills.

Lacy Park, located near Alhambra, CA, and covering more than 30 acres, first opened to the public in 1925. In the 19th century, it was a component of the Mexican property grant known as Rancho Huerta de Cuati. The site, which had been Wilson Lake since 1875, was acquired by the city and turned into a park in 1925.

Tree lovers will appreciate the park’s enormous arboretum, rose garden, and memorial to General George Patton, a former San Marino resident.

The park welcomes well-behaved, leashed pets. In 2008, a local resident wanted to create a dog park in Lacy Park as part of his Eagle Scout project, but the San Marino City Council ultimately decided against the idea due to strong objections from other locals.

The depression in the park’s middle was previously a sag pond caused by the Raymond Fault’s left stepover. In the middle of the 1920s, the lake (also known as Wilson Lake or Kewen Lake) was drained. The fault’s scarp can be observed in the park’s northern section, close to Virginia Road.

While weekdays are free for everyone, non-San Marino residents must pay $5 to enter the park on weekends. Despite the city’s assertion that this levy is necessary to fund park upkeep and improvements, Los Angeles Times reporter Steve Lopez found in 2007 that the city had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal block grants. However, the Los Angeles Times story indicates that these fees are lawful under state law so long as they are reasonable.

Park amenities include Concerts, community activities, and pancake breakfasts frequently take place in picnic areas. Large swaths of open greenery with numerous tree and shrub species. There are two walking loops, one about 3/4 of a mile in length (the inner circle) and the other about a mile in length (the longer, outer loop).

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