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Granada Park

Even though it’s only seven hectares in size, Granada Park carries a lot of punch. You can enjoy the playground, tennis courts, swimming pool (Granada Park Swim Complex), baseball field, basketball courts, table tennis, picnic tables, shelters, and grills.

Nearby lies the Santa Monica Freeway (just 3 km distant), and constant low-flying airplane traffic can be heard. There are also many squirrels fighting and many phoebes singing. Overall, though, things are still rather quiet. No one seems to be at the park at this time. A groundskeeper is always on duty to ensure the park’s sign remains in pristine condition.

The park features a mild incline and is landscaped with grass and tall trees providing shade. Just like the rest of the Alhambra’s green spaces, this one has a strict no-dogs policy and a no-smoking rule. Alcohol, littering, cycling, and amplified music are all banned “for your safety,” according to signs, even though only alcohol consumption is remotely plausible as a threat to anyone’s health.

If you happen to be in car-dependent Southwest Alhambra, you should definitely check out Granada Park. However, unlike center Alhambra, the region is primarily comprised of mid-century homes, a small number of churches, auto repair shops, and a few lackluster strip malls. Simply put, the park is the main attraction in the neighborhood.

The Parks and Recreation Department serves the community by maintaining a network of parks and offering a variety of recreational opportunities, including cultural programming for the entire community, special programs for individuals and groups, services to seniors (especially through the Joslyn Center), specialized community services (Farmer’s Market, Community Garden, etc.), transportation assistance (Senior Ride), and landscape maintenance of municipal buildings.

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