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Nucleus, which has been around since 2004, is a bookstore and gallery dedicated to the visual arts. Having showcased the work of numerous influential voices in animation, picture books, and film from all across the world and right here at home. There is always something new to do or see, as there are creator-driven events virtually every weekend and art exhibitions every month. The Nucleus located in Alhambra is a hidden treasure of a gallery that serves as an intriguing dating spot, a source of crafty presents, economical wall decor, and a source of inspiration.

Since its opening in October of 2004, Nucleus has worked to become a hub for the local art community by providing a diverse selection of high-caliber artwork, art supplies, and unique finds. While gallery shows are the main attraction, other activities including auctions, product signings, concerts, and artist talks have been held as well.

They have displayed works by both local and international artists, and they welcome customers from all over the world. Their website features a comprehensive variety of original modern, illustrated, graphic, commercial, and narrative art. They are always open to the general public and welcome art collectors and admirers.

Send an email to info@gallerynucleus.com if you have any questions about upcoming exhibitions, sold works, or pieces by a certain artist.

Do you support the values that they represent as a company? Do you find their displays and artists to be appealing? They welcome your inquiries, whether they concern franchise or investment prospects. They’re looking for business professionals with a passion in expanding Nucleus and a deep understanding of the visual arts right now.

They are continually on the lookout for novel artbooks, prints, posters, pins, toys, and other art-centric gift items for their flagship boutique.

Send them an email with a line sheet and wholesale data if you believe their customers will love your product or if you currently have an internet presence but are looking for physical retail representation.

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